Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Enterprise Strikes Back - New media is invading the corporate network

It’s called ‘pay back’.

In the 90’s Mel Gibson movie, the good guy wants to get even. In my case, IT managers in the field wanted to give me a heads-up on what’s really going on as video, podcasts and other media continue to flood enterprise routers and servers.

Last December I wrote about the economic impact of social media invading corporate networks:

Media within the enterprise has come of age after a series of landmark multi-billion dollar acquisitions including Google buying YouTube for $1.65bn, eBay acquiring Skype for $2.6bn and News Corp's $580m purchase of MySpace. . .The IT services market will be worth nearly $1 Trillion by 2011 . . . The once separate domains of IT and media have become intertwined and now form part of this massive spend.

However, it wasn’t until I got the inside story from three IT and technology directors at Proctor and Gamble, SAP, and B2B software innovator Cincom that the gap between theory and practice became pronounced. Coming from those living this migration process on a daily basis, the insights are more dramatic—and more instructive than I could have imagined. (for the full update, read my latest column in Silicon.com (CNET) ...


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