Sunday, January 10, 2016

Euromedia Magazine Publishes Greenfield's "Atlantic Crossing" on Future of Television

My new article on the future of over-the-top television now available in print and online:

Luca Franchi, Sky Broadcasting VP of Tech Futures,
is  interviewed in "Atlantic Crossing" by Howard Greenfield,
© 2016 in Euromedia Magazine and Advanced Television


Is Silicon Valley still a hub for foreign technology business development?

Yes! Organizations commonly develop business beyond their borders, but California’s San Francisco Bay Area is a kind of magnet where digital projects have an epic success rate including multi-billion dollar innovator start-ups like Google, Apple, HP, Facebook, LinkedIn and countless others.   
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Sky’s Luca Franchi, with the intriguing title VP, Tech Futures, lives and works out of Sky’s San Francisco office scouting new technologies to introduce to colleagues back in Europe. He has the enviable, but challenging role of surveying fresh video services developments – and identifying the truly promising ones. We spoke recently over coffee about television programming movement toward over-the-top multi-screen delivery.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

NYT Global Forum Conference - Best World Digital Trends Briefing Around

For the best short-hand pulse on world-wide digital trends, watch the New York Times (Thomas Friedman's) Global Forum conference videos - "How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Everything".

The conference was held this week in San Francisco.

The videos are freely available now.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jaron Lanier interview on data collection

Jaron Lanier's sane remarks this week in a PBS newshour interview about the power of online living, and the data giants that according to him are taking special ownership and advantage of our digital media world:

“. . . my friends in Silicon Valley have managed to turn our information tools into a giant sort of spying system, where we collect data on people, to try to sell them things and try to influence them. “ (summary)

Timely, prescient, full video interview and transcript also available online.