Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Steve Jobs said "HTML5 will win"

Everybody's saying it.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt calls it the next step in browsers. Apple CEO Steve Jobs says simply that "HTML5 will win." 

Here are a few reasons why HTML5 enjoys continuing flavor of the month status by placing the browser in charge of video, audio or animation interactivity—no plug-ins required. 

A good example deployment is the Sports Illustrated HTML5 magazine laptop/tablet (see bottom). It provides a good sketch of how print magazines are evolving into digital format.
An HTML5 canvas element now allows developers to display web page diagrams, graphics and dynamic animations in Javascript. By also supporting image caption, form validation, and the ability for users to edit the web page, HTML5 is a social media design advance. 

Here are a few other explanations of why HTML5 takes the browser closer to becoming a comprehensive media-browser:
"What HTML5 Really Means to You" (Popular Mechanics)