Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wisdom 2.0: This week-end in San Francisco

I went up to the Wisdom 2.0 conference on Friday which is on all week-end in San Francisco. Exploring a remarkable mix of technology trends and humanity in the workplace, it is represented by new tech companies, as well as Google, Facebook and others, featuring spriritually renown speakers like Jack Kornfield, and Jon Kabat Zinn, as well as industry founders and CEO's from Ford, Cisco, Twitter, Time-Warner, and others.

Amongst a measure of marketing rants disguised as compassion, some serious wisdom is on offer regarding the state of play in human-computer interaction.

CEO Jeff Weiner made frank remarks about integrity and internal values within LinkedIn. One of the striking interviews was with author Sherry Turkle discussing pro’s and con’s of e-gadgets vs. the human spirit. "With air bags and seat belts we created a safer, more comfortable environment for us [to travel in cars] …and I think we can create a that same culture around mobile technology”. Turkle went on to speak about balancing teenagers' online lives and the privacy needed for high-value e-communications--and for any kind of online or offline democracy for that matter.
 Videos of the presentations are online: