Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adobe CTO: Wireless Bandwidth to Explode

Kevin Lynch: Wireless to overtake wireline in 3 years
Speaking at Om Malik's GigaOM conference today in San Francisco, Adobe CTO, Kevin Lynch projected that wireless bandwidth will exceed wireline bandwidth in the next 3 years. “You can get 12Mbps now; you’ll be able to get 30Mbps by end of year”. He believes 100 Mbps wireless will be available on an individual basis in the next five years.
Hulu's vision of tomorrow's TV
On the same stage, Hulu CEO, Jason Kilar, announced earlier in the morning that Hulu expects to reach $240M in revenues this year (doubling 2009 bottom line).  He emphasized their vision of the television of tomorrow: “Users should be able to get everything they want to see on demand”.  Audiences will increasingly pick their own should be able to pick their own ads to watch and advertisers will have more and more granular details on audiences to target their ads.
Twitter: The new TV guide
Twitter partnership manager, Robin Sloan, proclaimed Twitter as the new electronic programming guide (EPG) for the television. 90 million tweets a day (!) can’t be wrong.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Rise of Social Media - Are You Man Enough?

If you haven't been exposed to the Old Spice videos this summer, watch them. They are a crack-up, and they are a case study in the tide of social media - for better or worse.
Proctor and Gamble's Old Spice TV ad campaign (16,565,792 YouTube views so far) features former NFL player Isaiah Mustaf introducing a new male body wash, then inviting the audience to respond. It became a viral success as audience members, some of them celebrities, received customized video responses to their incoming tweets and email comments. 
“Super-direct, nearly-instantaneous viral marketing that costs next to nothing” is how Wired magazine described it. One character posing in front of a shower, some production props, and an online production crew was all that was needed to “record, rip, and respond to messages with a personalized video”.