Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Rise of Social Media - Are You Man Enough?

If you haven't been exposed to the Old Spice videos this summer, watch them. They are a crack-up, and they are a case study in the tide of social media - for better or worse.
Proctor and Gamble's Old Spice TV ad campaign (16,565,792 YouTube views so far) features former NFL player Isaiah Mustaf introducing a new male body wash, then inviting the audience to respond. It became a viral success as audience members, some of them celebrities, received customized video responses to their incoming tweets and email comments. 
“Super-direct, nearly-instantaneous viral marketing that costs next to nothing” is how Wired magazine described it. One character posing in front of a shower, some production props, and an online production crew was all that was needed to “record, rip, and respond to messages with a personalized video”.


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