Friday, September 17, 2010

5 new articles finished

Finishing 5 new third-party articles this month - some are announced on my website (, others to follow. 

On the topic of the delivering media to the "three screens" (TV-PC-Mobile), my new piece for AV Specialist out of Middle-East/Africa is titled: It’s the platform, stupid! An excerpt from the upcoming piece is below. 

It’s the platform, stupid! (OCT, 2010)

5 tips from world experts on delivering video cross-platform
to the growing three-screen TV-PC-Mobile market.

Consumers will increasingly expect to pause video on their home TV set and resume it on a smart phone or PC away from home. It’s important to create video for deployment on today’s devices as well as “those we can anticipate in the near future” says Cisco’s Malachy Moynihan, VP, Video Product Strategy, “to create capabilities for interacting in ways we might not have thought about before. Recommendation and search, for example, are important to deploy across the platforms, making sure to bring some of the monetization with you.”

But what does it take to provide a compelling experience to consumers in these three different worlds? Is it about the technical requirements, the user-interface, the content rights?

Here are 5 keys to succeeding in the new cross-platform market opportunity that industry experts and thought leaders recommended to me this month. 

[end excerpt]

Note that another excellent deep dive from TDG Research is available on "Containing the Costs of Multi-Screen Delivery: A Primer on Scalable Video Coding".


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