Friday, September 25, 2009

Seeing the future of TV and Digital Media at IBC Conference in Amsterdam

The International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) which I attended last week was an exciting show. You can see my video review (interview) on the show at the link below:
Access at this event is special, and I had an opportunity to meet and interview industry leaders such as Steve Canepa, IBM VP Global Media and Entertainment, Cisco CTO Ken Morse, and former Murdoch NewsCorp executive Marty Pompadur.

Though attendance was down 7% from last year (45,547 this year), I agree with the conference press release that "the show continues to exhibit a positive image for the future of the electronic media and broadcast technology industry." The event was covered well in the follow-on report from the crack team at TVB-Europe that included the likes of industry expert Chris Forrester from RapidTV.

The themes included cross-platform delivery, IPTV, new HD developments, and 3D platforms. They showed several movies in new 3D (some which required special glasses at $100 a pop). A 15' reel from James Cameron's new Avatar (also in 3D) wowed the crowds at the big screen.

According to Google's Patrick Walker who I spoke with, 1.6B people are now online, the cost of storage has fallen 3.6M times since 1982, and YouTube gets over 350M unique visitors a month, with 20 hours of new content uploaded every minute.

As Harry Shearer (Spinal Tap star and Simpons voice actor) put it during one conference session as Spinal Tap makes its 2009 acoustic comeback - “I’ve always felt the most exciting time to be working in video is when nobody knows what the rules are. So, I’m very excited.”


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