Friday, July 31, 2009

TV Everywhere: Will Comcast/Time-Warner's Venture Threaten Hulu?

Hulu’s 500% growth per year in streams watched is second only to YouTube’s astronomical UGC popularity. (Every minute, twenty hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube according to the site’s blog--enough to equal 60,000 feature films a week).

CBS and its site may prove to be a competitor now that they have thrown their hat in the ring with Time-Warner and Comcast’s TV Everywhere. TV Everywhere has big names and big bucks riding on a fee-based commercial release set to include HBO, TBS, and Cinemax and many others.

But Hulu was first out of the gate with programming from likes of NBC, Paramount, Fox, and others. That, combined with low latency for play start-up, a slick UI, and new desktop version that streams shows directly to you television set, Hulu has returned its backers good market share return for its original $100 million investment in 2007.


Blogger Shaun said...

Comcast has made an attempt at TV Everywhere, but they hit the wood around the dart board. You can stream to an ipad within your house, cool, but don't dare take your mobile device far away from your wireless network. Lot's of online on demand content on their website, but its not the live channels you pay for. Working at DISH I have been streaming my live channels to my mobile device using my sling adapter, so my live channels streaming and recorded shows as well. But in the end alternative viewing choices are just one factor when you are thinking of switching providers, or choosing one for the first time, but the more informed you are on your choices the better you will be able choose the service that fits you best, and will make you the happiest.

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