Thursday, December 04, 2008

NewTeeVee 'Television Reinvented' Conference Spotlights the Future

The future of TV and the Web was really brought home last week watching the runners in this race line up at NewTeeVee’s ‘Television Re-invented’ conference held on the UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus. The commercial race for the so-called TV 2.0 market is on. “2009 is ‘the year’,” said Hardie Tankersley, Fox VP online content and strategy.

Who will deliver the winning combination of web and television? The multi-billion dollar personalised, on-demand future hangs in the balance yet “neither side -Web or TV- can quite get there,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. “Both are racing towards it.”

12.6 billion online videos were streamed over US broadband connections in September according to comScore. A respectable 145m of those came from, the NBC-Fox Internet Video
portal launched in 2007 with a $100m war chest.

Regarding the immediacy of web video viewing, Jason Kilar, Hulu CEO says “We’re like Starbucks, “It’s easier to consume, so people consume more of it.”

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