Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Excited about new articles (and my new book) coming out next month

According to Google’s blog, 20 hours of new video content per minute is uploaded to YouTube—the equivalent of 100,000 feature films per week. With so many broadcasters also moving prime time programming to Internet and mobile device delivery, the televisino business landscape is changing. I’ve just completed an article on the future of online TV advertising growth for IPTV International that will be published next month. It contains an interesting interview with ABC-Disney EVP of Digital Media.

As discussed in the article, Google, which has not yet unveiled its final strategy, intends to move heavily into video delivery according to industry analyst Rob Enderle whom I also spoke to for the piece last week. As Enderle puts it, this is their goal, which is part of why they acquired so much dark fiber a couple of years ago, and “their intent is to ‘obsolete’ the existing media market across all vectors”.

I’ll publish the link to the full article next month. In addition, I've written a review for SMPTE on the state of play in Internet TV - will publish a pointer to that soon. For now, also getting excited about the launch of the Second Edition of the book I co-authored with Wes Simpson, IPTV and Internet Video—a Focal Press best-seller at NAB 2007 and 2008. More on that shortly.


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