Thursday, May 22, 2008

Announcing the New Media Minute newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the New Media Minute Newsletter.

Fast, informative insights on how video, audio, and social networks are changing the Web.

(This first edition is on the power of doing your own

Stay ahead of the trends and opportunities.

Organizations today are challenged with staying apprised of the new ways video, audio, and online communications technology is combining with the Internet.

This short, to-the-point, bi-monthly newsletter provides news, trends, and practical ideas they can implement immediately. It contains current, actionable information geared toward briefing you on today’s world—a world where the Internet, Television, and Telephone are increasingly combining into new business, communications, and entertainment formats.

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Free, fast, informative

  • First hand reports on trends and developments in digital media

  • Expert updates on critical Internet video, audio, and social media impact

  • Background and perspective from technology insider and writer Howard Greenfield and his team

  • Essential expert interviews and developments at Google, Apple, Slingbox, Wired, and others

  • Links to key resources

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Talkification of the Web - Your browser is about to become a telephone

The internet is set to get louder with the talkification of the web. By adding telephone functionality to HTML pages, innovative software developers are about to give your browser a voice.

It's going to change the ways we interact on the web and will create some new rules for telecoms.

Over the past decade, as digital music, video and films have become the province of anyone with an ISP, whole industries have been transformed with each click of the mouse. And so telephony, or voice, is about to follow suit. read more...

Ribbit VP Don Thorson, CEO Ted Griggs, and Howard Greenfield