Thursday, May 31, 2012

Video Is the New Text

Television’s power to communicate goes beyond sports, movies, and sit-coms. Technology enablers have paved a way to better education models: multi-screen delivery, pervasive broadband access and ever-improving video compression are just a start. 

One big recent development in Higher Education is edX. Launched this May by MIT and Harvard, the two schools have invested around $60 million in a shared venture to put university classes online making them freely available to anyone on the planet.  

In an interview with OnLive's Charlie Jablonski, we further discuss the topic. My new column "Video Is the New Text" has just gone to print (IP Television magazine), will post it online here soon. 

For the past twelve centuries it’s been a battle to get past the gatekeepers, believes Jablonski. “It’s not a new battle. But in my several decades of perspective, I feel better about technology making a positive impact in education now more than I have in all my career.”


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