Monday, March 21, 2011

Announcing "SuperTriple Play"

 ‘Television’ as we know it is breaking out of the box. In an age of information overload and excessive choice, those content providers that can launch an efficient, elegant “super triple play” interface will thrive. Innovative, superb programming is still king. But for now, we’ve got abundant digital media – what’s missing is clear access.

I've coined a new term "Super Triple Play" ©2011.

My article appears in IP Television magazine and will be available at www.go-associates soon.

Super triple play is the delivery of seamless, easy-to-access content that makes it a pleasure to surf across three different screens: TV, PC, and Mobile (i.e. smart phones and tablets). Think iPad UI.

What’s still sorely needed to get us there are:

- A uniform dashboard (user-interface) – one look-and-feel across the three displays
- Easy book-marking to smoothly glide between the same content on different devices
- Social connectivity with your online community of choice


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